Top Global Luxury Fashion Brands for our LA Lifestyles

When it comes to LA fashion, we asked our Editor-in-Chief, Natalie Friberg, to provide us with her insight on the TOP GLOBAL BRANDS and how each relate to the ultimate fashion styles for the ever trendy affluent Angelenos.

Los Angeles is a global stage where people from around the world watch our every move. From the glamour of Hollywood, to the sun drenched golden beaches, to the intellectual enclaves of Pasadena and the shopping experiences in Beverly Hills, the possibilities for different styles and designs are endless. Living with so many opportunities at our fingertips, Natalie believes that LA cannot be defined by one image or one brand.

The Ultimate LA Lifestyle Fashion is a reflection of who we are and how we want to be portrayed. The luxury brands that we wear and drive every day to the places we vacation and escape all tell our personal stories.

The following are Natalie’s 2017 TOP Luxury Brands for The Ultimate LA Lifestyle Fashion connoisseur.



Founded By: Gianni Versace in 1978
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“Worn by the elite entertainers & A-Listers in LA (and globally) – Versace gives women confidence and power and is symbolic of the constantly changing world of high-fashion, home décor & luxury residences.”



Founded By: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“People like provocative styles. From global entertainers and athletes, to LA residents, Dolce & Gabbana designs reflect and feed their inner souls.”



Founded By: Brothers Mario & Martino Prada in 1913
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“Our global LA residents from Asia and the Middle East experience the shopping of Prada in astonishing architectural stores around the world, including Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Europe. Shopping in LA is also a world-class experience.”



Founded By: Coco Chanel in 1910
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“The haute couture collections are viewed worldwide from our red carpet movie and music awards. The Chanel line of purses, couture, fragrances & beauty, fine jewelry & eyewear are timeless collections in LA.”  



Founded By: Thomas Burberry in 1856
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“When it does rain and get cold in LA, we bundle up in our scarves and coats for coastal and mountain excursions, and love the “London” feel & look of Burberry.” 



Founded By: Giorgio Armani in 1975
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“From the fashion models, movie & TV stars, to the exclusive neighborhoods of LA, Armani fashion accessories, cosmetics and fragrances are staples.” 



Founded By: Christian Dior in 1946
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“Selecting Rihanna as the official spokeswoman in 2015 and Israeli model Sofia Mechetner as the face of Dior were major steps that further solidified the brand in the hearts and souls of LA fashionistas.”



Founded By: Oscar de la Renta in the 1960s
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“As the go-to designer for First Ladies since Jackie Kennedy, walking into a grand ballroom in LA wearing Oscar de la Renta truly makes a statement of elegance, sophistication and glamour.”   



Founded By: Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani in 1960
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“His world famous exquisite haute couture designs are magnificent. A-List celebrities, not only in LA but all over the world, have adorned his gowns at charity galas, red carpet appearances and political events.”   



Founded By: Adele Casagrande & Edoardo Fendi in 1925
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“Every LA fashion connoisseur has many accessories for every occasion. The Italian splash of Fendi and their couture fur collections make us feel like we are in Rome.”



Founded By: Louis Vuitton in 1854
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“There are many world travelers in LA, and of course Louis Vuitton luggage accompanies travelers on every private jet or first class cabin. Handbags and accessories adorn people in our executive high-rise towers in DTLA and Century City, and in the exclusive shopping districts from Beverly Hills to Old Town Pasadena.” 



Founded By: Guccio Gucci in 1921
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“Gucci is known as one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of high-end leather good and clothing lines. You are sure to see the finely crafted products adorned with the signature double-G symbol in all of the affluent areas in LA.” 



Founded By: Marc Jacobs in 1984
Boutique Locations: Beverly Hills & Las Vegas

“He resonates in LA because fashion goers like his mix of styles, and his portrayal and vision of American culture. He is truly an American fashion icon.”  

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