Singpoli Companies & DREAMS Join Together

When three inspirational entrepreneurs come together with the power of their mutual dreams, a new era begins of synergy and innovation.

One born in Shanghai, one born in Chicago and the other born in New York. Pulled by the California Dream, they anchored themselves and their businesses in Los Angeles and have crossed paths for years.

Today, they have joined forces with the establishment of the DREAMS GLOBAL NETWORK.

These three inspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs share the same vision, passion and tenacity to bridge the great East Meets West Economy.  Kin Hui, Kerry Moy and Steve Tobia are dedicated to providing a business and cultural platform unlike any other communications and investment group.

The new partnership will focus on furthering the business and cultural interchange through multi-language/culture endeavors in marketing, media, investments, and innovation.


Kin Hui will serve as the Chairman of the new partnership, and serves as the Chairman and CEO of The Singpoli Group. His companies offer investment opportunities for high net worth individuals, institutional investors and immigrant investors.

Steve Tobia will serve as CEO, and continue to serve as Publisher of DREAMS Magazine that connects luxury lifestyles through various marketing and media platforms.

Kerry Moy will serve as Vice-Chairman, and is also a partner with Kin Hui bringing new Asian restaurant concepts to market.


In Chinese, “Sing” means honesty, sincerity and credibility. “Po” means protection and preservation. “Li” means profitability.


Put together, Singpoli stands for honestly protecting the best interests of clients, investors and employees.

Founded by Herman Hui, a professor of structural engineering, Singpoli began as a construction company in Hong Kong in 1977.  Over the next 14 years, Singpoli participated in the construction or renovation of many landmark properties in China, including the Great Hall of the People and the Beijing 1990 Asian Games Village.

In 1991, Singpoli established itself in Southern California and quickly expanded into real estate investment.

In 2009, when the US real estate market faced another downturn, Singpoli made one of the largest commercial real estate purchase transactions in Los Angeles County, and in  2010, Singpoli was named one of the top 50 new buyers in the United States.

The partners new international marketing company is named HTM (Hui, Tobia, Moy).

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