Porsche Prestige… Now Made In Slovakia

On the evening of August 29, Porsche presented a new generation of SUV which would be “Made in Slovakia” for the very first time. The new Cayenne model has a new, aluminum platform, with the wheelbase remaining the same. However, the new model is longer and lower than the current generation and about 65 kilograms lighter.

The biggest technology novelty are the dashboard electronics with a voltage of 48 Volts. Thanks to this, the Cayenne can have several modern chassis systems. The carmaker claims that due to the chassis and gearbox technologies with short gears, the Cayenne will excel not just on the road but also off-road. Drivers will be able to choose road or one of four off-road modes: for driving in mud, on gravel, sand or rocks. The Cayenne also received a new type of brakes which will work better than the classic steel discs, last longer and create less dust.


In the interior, we find the technologies we know from the brand’s other models, specifically the latest Panamera. The driver has night vision or modern assistance tools at their disposal, and a crew can use the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

The stronger Cayenne S model will be a six-cylinder with 2.9 liters, two turbos and 440 horsepower. This version has a maximum speed of 164 mph; and if one pays for the extra Sport Chrono package, it will be able to accelerate to 60mph in less than five seconds.

Both engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all four-wheel drive. It is expected that in the future a Turbo model will enhance the portfolio with an eight-cylinder engine, or a hybrid and maybe even diesel versions.

To learn more about the new Porsche Cayenne or to schedule your test drive, please visit www.rusnakonline.com.

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