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Interview with Angela Tina - Top Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas

For over 10 years, Angela Tina has faithfully served families in the real estate industry. With a deep focus on Summerlin, NV home sales, she is a valuable Las Vegas real estate advisor who knows how to get the best possible deals for her clients. Her focus in this ever-changing industry is personalized concierge service – a must have for the most discerning clients. She knows the market inside and out and has the keys to make your dreams become a reality.

Friendly, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable, Angela is an integral partner in a family-owned business, Urban Nest Realty, that has flourished into one of the fastest growing in Las Vegas – boasting an impressive 250+ agents.

With a love for challenges, learning, and friendship, Angela Tina is the real estate expert you will want on your side whether you’re a buyer or seller. We sat down with Angela to get the scoop on where the best luxury Las Vegas real estate is located and to find out how this young luminary stays at the top of her game.

angie-1LA DREAMS MAGAZINE: For Angelenos who are looking to buy luxury real estate in the Greater Las Vegas Area, where would you recommend looking and why?

ANGELA TINA: It really all depends on the individuals’ needs and desires. Lifestyle plays a huge role when choosing the area you want to call home. Personally, I am a huge fan of Summerlin.  It is a master plan community known for its schools, parks, trails, events, and golf courses.

DREAMS: What is a strength that sets you apart and helps you stand out in comparison to other agents in the Las Vegas luxury market?

TINA: Personalized service.  I have a small team in place that focuses on meeting the goals of my clients; not my ego.

DREAMS: How would you describe the characteristics of the typical client that you work with?

TINA: Really the majority of my clients fit into one of two categories. The first being young to middle-aged professionals with families looking for more space because their kids are growing up or they are expanding their family. The other is middle age couples looking to downsize after their children move out.

Almost all of my clients’ motivation to buy or sell their home is family or lifestyle change.

DREAMS: Real estate is known to be a very tough industry. As one of the top realtors in the Greater Las Vegas Area, what do you attribute your successes to?

TINA: My failures.  Every time I fall short I look at it as an opportunity to grow in my business. Also, my morning routine plays a huge part in keeping me on track. I strongly feel that your mental and physical health are so important to allow yourself to help others meet their needs. Exercise and meditation are a critical part of my morning routine.

DREAMS: What do you appreciate most about co-owning Urban Nest Realty, and in what ways has the company supported you?

TINA: As one of the owners I can tell you that my father-in-law, my husband, and myself are very passionate about this business. Along with being my broker, my husband is my biggest support system in life and business.  He also is the most honest person I’ve ever known so he will hold me accountable in a world where no one wants to be held accountable.

DREAMS: The Las Vegas Valley has so much to offer – what area of the valley do you enjoy most and what do you like to do there in your free time?

TINA: The Strip is always a good time.  We don’t get to go there much but when we do it feels like you’re on vacation even when you’re fifteen minutes from home.  Summerlin is still where we participate in our day to day activities. We like to explore Downtown Summerlin and the hiking trails in Red Rock Canyon.  Las Vegas may not seem like it, but it’s a town full of outdoor activities such as biking and rock climbing.

DREAMS: For an agent who is looking to break into the luxury real estate market, what is the greatest piece of advice you can offer them?

TINA: Be yourself.  In a world and industry so influenced by reality TV, the best thing to be is yourself.  Luxury real estate is tough so be picky and work with people that you actually like working with.  Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

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