The Legend of the Dragon Gate: First of Kind Augmented Reality Rose Parade Float

Singpoli’s entry in the 2018 Rose Parade will feature the Legend of the Dragon Gate. It will be the first-ever parade float to incorporate Augmented Reality into its design, which will bring the legend to life for hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic parade goers in Pasadena on New Year’s Day.

According to folklore, the fish who swim upstream in the Yellow River aim to reach the gate at the source of the river. If the fish can leap over the gate they will be transformed into powerful dragons. The float itself will feature three magnificent animated fish leaping from the flowing river, and the Dragon Gate is at the rear of the float. Singpoli American BD invested in AR technology that will enable parade viewers to see digital animations and show the entire legendary story overlaid on the actual float.

Malaysian superstar Sheila Amzah will be featured on the float singing “Rising Above,” a song specifically written for the Singpoli American BD by award-winning composer Nathan Wang. Both artists will be aboard “Rising Above.”

Singpoli American BD aims to showcase a special part of Chinese American culture. The inspiring legend offered a creative, but fitting tie-in to the 2018 parade theme “Making a Difference.”

“The Legend of the Dragon Gate is an encouraging story of perseverance,” said Singpoli CEO Kin Hui. “It is a reminder that even though our journeys can be difficult and painful we can rise above adversity. We must if we are going to make a meaningful difference in the world.”

The float will employ intricate designs of carnations, marigolds and chrysanthemums to create the jewel-toned fish. “Tangelo” a new variety of carnation, lends a fiery orange hue to the central fish. Varieties of iris, hybrid delphinium, roses and orchids will represent the river. When complete it will be one of the most densely flowered floats in the parade with over 250,000 blooms. When complete Rising Above will be 36 feet tall, 18 feet wide and 55 feet long.

Past Singpoli entries have earned several awards. In 2014, “Connecting Cultures, Delivering Dreams” earned the Parade’s “Extraordinaire Trophy” as the parade’s most spectacular entry. Following in 2015, Singpoli earned the Grand Marshal’s Trophy for its float “Bright Future” – a phoenix rising from the ashes.

In 2016, “Marco Polo: East Meets West,” won the highest honor with the parade’s “Sweepstakes Trophy.” In January of 2017, “The Monkey King: Journey to Success” won the parade’s Fantasy Trophy awarded for the best display of fantasy and imagination.

Singpoli American BD is committed to sustainable development through diversifying business strategically. The company holds core businesses in the real estate industry and specializes in architecture, design, development, investment, construction, brokerage, asset management and finance. The company recently launched business segments “Singpoli Financial Services” and “Singpoli Hospitality” to better serve clients and the community.

Singpoli also runs a successful new media company with a world-wide footprint. To create value with integrity, Singpoli is active in the local community by supporting the arts and charitable organizations. The 2018 Rose Parade marks Singpoli’s fifth consecutive year as a Rose Parade float participant.

Based in Southern California, with offices in Arcadia and Pasadena, Singpoli is head by Mr. Hui, its CEO and president, together with his management team. To learn more about the  Singpoli Group, please visit

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