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A new Dream partnership connects sophisticated California and Asian CLIENTELE to the four luxury RESIDENCE enclaves of Las Vegas: WEST/SUMMERLIN, SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, THE STRIP & SOUTHEAST/HENDERSON. Steve Tobia and Cheryl Davis are your personal lifestyle connections and concierges.

California and global buyers continue to fuel the real estate migration into Las Vegas, especially in four distinct luxury communities: Westside/Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Southeast/Henderson and the Strip.

Las Vegas has steadily emerged from the real estate crash of ten years ago and yet, the median price per square foot in these four luxury regions remains below the highest prices of 2007. The median price per square foot in these four luxury regions range from approximately $150 per square foot to $200 per square foot, which are DRAMATICALLY lower than both California and Asia home prices.

With 43 million annual visitors to Las Vegas with a population of only 2.3 million residences, second homes are very common. Many Baby Boomers from California are also migrating to Las Vegas cashing out of their high valued homes and saving money with no personal income taxes.

A New Dream partnership announced

“There are more than 15,000 real estate agents in Las Vegas, yet there are only a handful of experienced brokers that specialize in the luxury market,” comments Steve Tobia, CEO of DREAMS Global Network, “Cheryl Davis, Owner/Broker of Paragon Premier Properties is one them.”

Davis and Paragon Premier Properties are now the Las Vegas Real Estate Partners of DREAMS Global Network, serving clientele that want to purchase and invest in Las Vegas.

“Our Network Partners represent the pinnacle of luxury brands in every category, and the selection of Cheryl and her team in Las Vegas was based on her 30-years of expertise, experience, and personal services,” commented Tobia on the announcement.

Davis, as one of the top luxury brokers, represents clientele ranging from entertainers, corporate executives, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs. “For me it has always been about service and going beyond client expectations. My background in real estate started in Beverly Hills, so I always was in the luxury real estate sector. Since arriving in Las Vegas 25 years ago, the luxury market has continued to accelerate and today, we are a California and global buyer’s market,” states Davis.

Four Luxury Enclaves of Las Vegas








The Strip



Southern Highlands


Sophisticated buyers and sellers always begin their research online, with every possible detail at the click of a button. Going inside the region and luxury residences, however, requires a trusted and experienced advisor.

Tobia informs, “DREAMS Network represents trust and expertise for our readers, online video viewers and personal networks. Selecting someone off the internet really isn’t what our clientele does; they expect insight, knowledge, and direct referrals.”

Within the Four Luxury Regions, there are approximately 12 master planned, guard-gated luxury communities. The Strip also offers a dozen or so luxury high-rises. When first meeting a client, Davis and her team give a comprehensive overview of the Four Luxury Regions before the personal tours begin.

“We start on the Westside, which is Summerlin and several luxurious communities. Then we go down south to Southern Highlands, which is a high-end golf community. We navigate the Strip condominiums, and then from there we go to the Southeast/Henderson, touring several high-end golf and lake communities,” explains Davis.

Desert Oasis Lifestyle Concierge

“People have to see every one of these areas so they can get a sense of where they belong and who their tribe is, so to speak. If I know what someone’s wants are, we can pinpoint 2 or 3 communities. For example, we had a couple come in from Hawaii that had no sense of Las Vegas. And two days later, after we had showed them four major luxury communities, I knew exactly what they wanted and where they should be in the city,” enlightened Davis.

Because most Las Vegas residents are from somewhere else, the community has become a new American melting pot. Residents don’t live on the Strip; instead, most opt for the sprawling valleys which offer master planned communities nestled into mountains, and abundant open spaces of parks, golf courses, bike and hiking trails, along with snow and lake recreation. “We have a lifestyle here that is really difficult to find anywhere else,” notes Tobia.

Purchasing a second home or investment in Las Vegas requires trust and a team that personally connects and serves you. “We are a concierge service. We’re not just a real estate agency. Whatever I don’t know, I’ll find out. Whatever the client wants, we’ll make sure they get it. And we’ll do it with a smile. Every single day I get to do what I love… it’s never a job. It’s always been my dream to be where I’m at and to serve people in the way we do. And now I’m with DREAMS Global Network, I couldn’t be happier,” concluded Davis.

Contact Cheryl Davis, Owner/Broker of Paragon Premier Properties and Partner of DREAMS Global Network to learn more. Call (702) 683-7785 or email, and visit or

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