Surf Air CEO Gives the Gift of Time

Surf Air Has Revolutionized Travel One California Destination At A Time

American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn summed it up best by stating that “time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Whether you fall into the category of Chief Executive at a Fortune 500 company with a board to please and share-holders to satisfy; a successful entrepreneur of your own seven-figure business going to close that next big deal; or are simply looking to maximize your limited vacation time with family and friends; you understand that streamlining the logistics associated with travel is a crucial aspect to generating more time and money. More time spent with your family, decreased company expenditures, more deals closed – all can be accomplished by making the leap from commercial to private air travel.

For those who seek luxury and efficiency but are not ready to invest in their own private jet, Surf Air can fulfill your needs. Offering all-you-can-fly memberships in the comfort of custom-designed executive aircrafts, members can expect to join a community of travelers who value the convenience and time-savings Surf Air provides.

At the center of disrupting the travel industry and leading a company that has been nicknamed the ‘Uber’ or ‘Netflix’ of air travel is Surf Air President & CEO Jeff Potter.  We sat down with Jeff to learn more about the service Surf Air offers, planned routes for the future (think global!), and found out why a Surf Air membership is the perfect gift to give this holiday season.

jeff-headshot-1LA DREAMS MAGAZINE: What is Surf Air, and how has it transformed the travel landscape?

JEFF POTTER: Innovation does not always come easy for every brand, but because we were first to the market for the all-you-can-fly subscription model, Surf Air has been disrupting the space since its inception three years ago. We originally launched in California in 2013 as the country’s first private membership airline, and now have 3,500 Members and 85 daily flights to 12 destinations in and around California. Our Members enjoy all-you-can-fly service without the hassle and frustration of commercial travel. In the U.S., we’ve been nicknamed the ‘Uber’ or ‘Netflix’ of air travel because of the success of our disruptive model within the travel industry.

In demonstrating a simple, smart way to fly, we’ve figured out the secret to uncomplicating flying by providing limitless flights throughout California – soon to include Europe – for a monthly fee, redefining the future of flying and living. Our Members are mostly comprised of business travelers moving to and from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Beyond the ease of traveling with Surf Air versus a commercial airline, the most precious thing we are giving to our Members every time they fly with us is time. Time they can be spending doing business, rather than commuting, or time with their families. When thinking about what Surf Air means to our members, we have allowed thousands to change the way they live their lives – without hassles.

DREAMS:  The holiday season is approaching; why is Surf Air the perfect gift?

POTTER: As the seasons change, one thing remains constant: the stress of seasonal travel. What was once a 300-mile trek to the snow (taking upwards of 5 hours with traffic), now can be less than an hour-long flight. Starting this fall and extending through the winter season, we are opening flights to mountain ranges up and down the state for its inaugural season of Destination Memberships.

Often described as the ‘Netflix of the skies,’ Surf Air is offering the perfect holiday gift of a streamlined flying experience between the LA Area and Mammoth Lakes, with the convenience of members only air travel.

To ensure you don’t miss a weekend in the mountains with family and friends, you can send your advance travel requests to schedule an aircraft accommodating your needs – even on peak holiday weekends – or for last-minute trips, book seats on any scheduled flights to Mammoth, including same-day departures. Similarly, we’ve opened routes in northern California between the Bay Area and Truckee/Tahoe.

DREAMS: Many readers of LA Dreams are business executives who travel frequently. Why would they choose to fly Surf Air over a seat in Business Class on a commercial carrier?

POTTER: Surf Air offers an innovative all-you-can-fly membership empowering you to travel quickly, simply, and comfortably, anywhere in California. That means streamlined booking and convenient private airports, where you can arrive just 15 minutes before your flight and take off in the comfort of a custom-designed executive aircraft. Commercial air travelers are accustomed to the complicated, cumbersome, and expensive processes of the current flying experience. From tedious comparison-shopping to flight traffic and congestion at commercial airports to endless delays and crowded lines, air travelers waste valuable time and money daily.

Becoming a Surf Air member introduces you to a revolutionary way to fly. It gives you the freedom of unlimited flights, 30-second booking, and a new and easy arrive-and-fly process.

DREAMS: Tell us about your members. How would you describe them?

POTTER: At Surf Air you aren’t just a passenger; you’re a valued Member. We strive to create an exclusive and very real community of travelers enjoying a new and better way to travel—a community where personal relationships are nurtured and fostered. With Surf Air, you’re part of a cultivated community that can benefit your life beyond your everyday flying experience.

You know a Surf Air membership is right for you if you drive two to six hours regularly or fly commercial for more than two round-trips in a region we serve. No need to waste valuable work (or play) time stuck in long airport lines, on hold with call centers, or navigating through complicated online bookings. Traveling with Surf Air eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time that accompany current travel options. With all that extra time, you can now focus on what matters most.

Surf Air Pilatus PC-12/47EDREAMS: Are there any demographics that you have not been able to capture yet? What are your plans for acquiring their business?

POTTER: In the past we’ve had the greatest success among business travelers who fly regularly between the same sets of city pairs for work-related commitments or who live in one city and work in another. To appeal to California leisure travelers, we’ve added several sought-after vacation destinations to our network including Truckee/Lake Tahoe, Napa, Monterey, and Palm Springs, with flights to Mammoth Lakes expected to launch as early as this winter. We’ve also recently launched a seasonal destination membership package for Truckee/Lake Tahoe, allowing Members to request flights in advance and purchase blocks of seats they can use throughout ski season and share with any number of travel companions.

DREAMS: For businesses and corporate teams looking to travel, what does Surf Air offer?

POTTER: Flying in a private charter or jet can be expensive, with much planning required well in advance. With Surf Air, you can book flights minutes before departure and have the experience of flying in a private aircraft without private jet pricing, and in the company of no more than 7 other Members—like-minded travelers who you’ll come to know by name. However, Surf Air does fly on a schedule, so unlike chartered service, you’ll need to choose from our available flight times.

Nothing says you care about your employees quite like offering them an exclusive, unlimited, private travel benefit as part of your compensation package. A Surf Air membership is an attractive benefit for both the employee and the business, since an employee’s membership allows him or her to fly for both business and personal travel at no additional charge to the employee or company.

If your organization has an incentive, reward, or recognition program, a membership could quickly become the most coveted benefit in your portfolio. Surf Air memberships are tied directly to each individual. Business requirements are incredibly unique, so we partner with certain companies to create custom plans that suit their needs. If you’re interested in corporate or business membership options, contact us at for consideration.

DREAMS: What perks are associated with taking-off from and landing at private air terminals?

POTTER: Quite simply, flying with Surf Air is a game changer. You can book unlimited flights two, four, or six reservations at a time (depending on your membership plan). As part of an empowered community, our Members book flights in seconds, arrive at their local airport just 15 minutes before flights depart, enjoy personalized service, and get exclusive offers from Surf Air partners.

DREAMS: For the first-time private air traveler, what type of atmosphere might one expect?

POTTER: Surf Air flies the Pilatus PC-12, a beautiful, eight-seat executive aircraft with custom-designed interiors by Bespoken New York—so you’ll always have a spacious and comfortable leather seat. The aircrafts are quieter than many private jets; inside our aircraft, you’ll be able to sleep, work, or comfortably talk with your fellow Members and guests.

surf-air-4DREAMS: What motivated the Founders to start Surf Air? Was there any distinct inspiration that stands out in your mind?

POTTER: Our Founders started Surf Air as an approach to offer an alternative option to the traditional commercial model and the stressful travel experience it provides. With the frequent traveler in mind, we sought to provide a solution for people who value their time and can no longer waste it in a maze of crowds, lines and delays.

DREAMS: What are your plans for expansion? Where do you imagine Surf Air flying and where do you see the company in the next few years?

POTTER: Surf Air recently announced their expansion early next year into Europe. Surf Air launch destinations will include the London Luton, Mondelieu in Cannes, Geneva and Zurich airports.

With 65 aircrafts on order, we plan to serve several new destinations including Orange County, San Diego, Mammoth Lakes, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Scottsdale, and other regions to be announced.

For more information about Surf Air or membeships, visit

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