The Future of Luxury Driving: Rolls-Royce 103EX

Rolls-Royce 103EX

Following months of study and consultation, the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 was unveiled earlier this year at London’s Roundhouse. Representing the future of luxury personal mobility, VISION NEXT 100 exemplifies the future of fully autonomous, coach built, personalized transportation for consumers who wish for an emotional attachment to their car.

“Today, Rolls-Royce, the world’s leading luxury brand, has defined the future of luxury mobility. The Grand Arrival of the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 boldly points to a bright future for our marque where our patrons’ individual demands for complete and authentic personalization will be met through an exquisite fusion of technology, design and hallmark Rolls-Royce craftsmanship” stated Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Entering the Grand Sanctuary, passengers step in unbowed, with consummate grace and dignity, as with the state carriages of old, taking their place on the best seat in the house. Cocooned in the futuristic but handcrafted lounge atmosphere, the coach door and clamshell canopy glide closed to envelop them in uninterrupted silence and luxury.


As one would expect from a Rolls-Royce, the environment of the Grand Sanctuary is crafted from the most precious and contemporary of materials. What is unexpected is the feeling of lightness and simplicity, an effortless elegance.

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