Five-Star Asian Cuisine Arrives in DTLA

LiOrient Asian Bar & Restaurant

Entrepreneurs with a zest for food and culture have joined together to bring a five-star authentic Asian gourmet experience to Southern California in the center of DTLA in the US Bank Tower.

Atop the Los Angeles skyline stands the US Bank Tower, a stoic symbol of commerce and paramountcy. To the left of the lobby wind a set of stairs, ascending upward towards the courtyard on the fourth floor and the entrance to Los Angeles’ newest destination for Asian fare, LiOrient Asian Bar & Restaurant.


LiOrient serves as a reminder that opulence coupled with a casual demeanor is very much a part of the character of Los Angeles. This up-and-coming bar & restaurant is ready to cater to every whim that an Angeleno could possibly imagine: from a quick bite at the express area, a business lunch in the dining room or a chic cocktail from the sleek, contemporary bar during happy hour.

That is LiOrient when the sun is out. And then there is night. By five o’clock the dining room has undergone a transformation: the lights go down, and the east shines through a posh, yet authentic, fine dining experience. The interior is a blend of contemporary and luxury interior design styles that appeal to customers seeking an intimate high-end or casual dining experience. The 12,000-square foot open dining room, adorned in red and white, leaves no doubt that you are in the top spot in downtown. Floor to ceiling windows offer an incredible view of the city as you dine on what can only be described as the ‘Pearls of the Orient’.


L-R: Kerry Moy & Kin Hui, Partners/Owners of LiOrient

“This is very much a contemporary restaurant. LiOrient brings chefs to downtown Los Angeles who have an unconditional passion for cooking and innovation,” says Kerry Moy, Partner and Owner of LiOrient.

Its team of restauranteurs, cooks, entrepreneurs and investors come from diverse backgrounds and countries. As a result, there is and will always be an evolving menu. Whether it be small bites, soups, main courses, desserts or experimental dishes, Moy and partner, Kin Hui, CEO of Singpoli Group LLC are focused on an ever-changing menu.

dsc_9687“LiOrient’s culinary philosophy is that we will always provide our guests with many choices – all of which are seasoned with love. Love is universal and unconditional, and that is what defines LiOrient,” explained Hui, Founder & Partner.

While other Chinese restaurants offer the traditional Xiao Lon Bao soup dumplings with ground pork and chives, the chefs at LiOrient take these baos to a whole new level. The main attraction, the ‘7 Wonders’, includes an assortment of colored soup dumplings, each with its own distinct flavor. Their casings are tinted individually with spinach, squid ink, buckwheat flour, pumpkin, carrot, beet, and red cabbage while fillings include vermicelli, five spice bean curd, shrimp, chicken breast, green tea broth, white fish and quinoa. Depending on seasonality, the fillings are bound to change.

Moy enlightens, “LiOrient Asian Bar and Restaurant is committed to catering to customers with an adventurous palate and those who have a zest for Chinese and Asian cultures.”

LiOrient is located on the fourth floor of L.A.’s tallest landmark building – the U.S. Bank Tower. LiOrient’s dynamic menu, described as simple, yet sophisticated, ranges from lunchtime takeout to innovative signature dishes that are prepared tableside. The interior is a blend of contemporary and luxury interior design styles that appeal to customers seeking an intimate high-end or casual dining experience.  To learn more, visit

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