Internationally Acclaimed Eyewear Lands in Los Angeles

Vision to Inspire

Sophia Dias spent years in pursuit of bold, wrap-style sunglasses wearable for any occasion. As the proud owner of three passports (Portugal, India, UK) and speaking five languages, Sophia traveled the world in search of the perfect sunglasses. As a woman of beauty, elegance, and sport, she struggled to find a balance; something she could wear to dress up, perhaps for show in Milan, or to dress down, for a day on the slopes at Aspen.

Upon discovering that such sunglasses did not exist, she set off to create her own brand and line of eyewear. With inspiration coming from her birthplace in Goa, India, and her modern day experiences living in London, Hong Kong, and Chicago, DIAS Designs was born.

Two years into launch, the glasses have quickly left a lasting impression on the global luxury eyewear market. Naturally, some the most opulent resorts in the world were the first to take notice. Today, DIAS Design’s Goawarp can be found in such prominent sites as The Four Seasons Hotel and The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, Park Hyatt Dubai, and Park Hyatt Nomi Spa in Chicago, just to name a few.

After repeated visits to the City of Angels, Sophia realized the chasm in the luxury eyewear scene. Elegant, fashionable and sporty, DIAS Designs has your eyes covered.


LA’s Hottest Cosmopolitan Eyewear


Model wearing Goawarp™ White + Gold: Sheer clear lens with white frame and gold accents.

Living in one of the sunniest cities in the world, Angelenos have a continual need to protect their eyes from the powerful UV rays beaming down year-round. Choosing not to safeguard your eyes and selecting inadequate eyewear can carry serious consequences, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Where can we find eyewear that covers the protective needs, yet live up to lofty fashion standards found in Los Angeles?

Enter DIAS Design’s Goawarp. Featuring a unique and sophisticated wrap-design, Goawarp delivers comprehensive optical coverage complete with UV400 lens protection. With international inspiration to parallel Los Angeles’ cosmopolitan nature and a chic appearance, Goawarp is the perfect match for trendy and sun-drenched Southern California.

“The name Goawarp is inspired from my birthplace in Goa, India” says Dias, “Goa is on the middle west coast of the country on the Arabian Sea and is the smallest state in India, yet has an incredibly rich history. Under Portuguese control for over 300 years, my surname Dias is of Portuguese descent.”


Model wearing Goawarp™ Blue + Gold: Limited Edition blue lens with blue frame and gold accents.

Found on three continents and in six countries, DIAS Designs is looking to take its market share in the luxury sector to even greater heights. Already backed by world-renowned hotels and resorts, DIAS Designs truly provides a ‘vision to inspire’.

Look out Los Angeles, the pinnacle of elegant and fashionable eyewear has arrived.

To learn more about DIAS Designs and the different styles of Goawarp, visit

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