Custom Engineered Fine ‘Lego’ Jewelry

dsc_2496There are but a few true artists that also have the engineering mind and skills to make fine jewelry that is stunning and functional. We found such a person in Las Vegas – Tess Headley.

“I have always been creative and spent many years as a painter,” says Tess. “I took classes in jewelry making and my journey from painter to inventor began.”

Her fascination for the ancient art of goldsmithing, along with her fascination of intricate engineering processes, began her journey from those jewelry making classes to founding her own custom designed jewelry business.

“The word ‘legos’ is often used to describe my jewelry because it allows you to connect different pieces that are interchangeable. This piece I am wearing began with an original diamond from my engagement ring, and the other fine metals that are interwoven and changeable,” demonstrates Tess.

Tess developed her concepts of interchangeable jewelry that could be configured for any occasion once her children were raised and she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

The challenge was the coupling device, which required exacting precision, not achievable using traditional methods. With the advent of 3D design, Tess mastered that art and was able to produce prototypes and secure patents in 11 countries.

This is a two-part system. Every bail, connector, and enhancer has a prong, which has a hook and a tiny magnet. All pendants have a back plate containing multiple ports. Due to the patented design of these two elements, once the prong is inserted into a port and rotated it’s securely locked in, even before the magnets connect.

Beginning with a palette of elegant centerpieces, you decide how your piece will be worn. You can wear the piece as a chain, choker and integrate different complimentary metals.

In addition to her custom one-of-a-kind pieces, Tess also offers some of the rarest turquoise stone pieces.

“I love what I do and I also love to give back to the community as well. I donate 10% of my sales to charity and I work directly with various charity groups,” says Tess.

Four words describe Tess Headley: Artist. Engineer. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. To learn more, please contact Tess Headley at or (702) 558-7266.

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