China Railway To Build High-Speed Passenger Train To Las Vegas

XpressWest 可以使乘客绕开交通拥堵的情况,以每小时最高达 150 英里的速度中间不停车地直接往返于拉斯维加斯,耗时约 80 分钟,相比而言,在公路上驾车平均费时约 4 小时。 如果在高峰时段驾车在 I-15 号州际公路上行驶,则要多花费几个小时,如遇交通事故或其他原因导致延误,则需花费更长的时间。 XpressWest 将会缓解 I-15 号州际公路上的交通拥堵,为乘客提供比驾车更加美好、洁净、安全和快捷的旅行选择,让乘客可以享受到无与伦比的交通运输体验。

因为游客趋势和人口统计资料清楚地表明“拉斯维加斯体验”开始的不够早,XpressWest 将不仅仅是一种旅行模式。 它将通过创新概念来拓展拉斯维加斯体验,例如可在列车行进中提供酒店入住服务、晚餐和表演预定,以及其他多种娱乐选择。

XpressWest 将欢迎所有美国人民来体验我们国家的首列高速旅客列车之旅。 从您到达车站的那一刻起,您即可体验到各种便利、并开始感受拉斯维加斯的刺激。 每一列火车都配有各种先进的便利设施,设有头等舱和商务舱座位,还特别设有提供全方位服务的娱乐休闲餐车。 每一次旅行途中,您都可以享受列车上的食物、饮料、无线网络、娱乐休闲、礼宾服务、灵活安排车厢座位的便利以及无障碍通道,而这些仅仅是便利设施的一小部分。 乘客将体验世界上最先进的高速火车车站,享受安全无障碍的进出站服务。 车站提供有安全且带有遮雨棚的停车场、门到门行李托运服务、各种餐饮和零售设施;以及完善的联合运输选择。

XpressWest 已完成环境审查流程、获得所有所需的联邦路权批准并已获得建设和运营所必需的许可和批准,为西南通道高速铁路基础设施的建设奠定了基础。 高速铁路代表了美国未来可持续、绿色环保、高容量及高效的交通运输模式。 通过私营机构投资,XpressWest 可满足美国对具有可实现互操作性和区域连接的客运铁路基础设施的需求。

  • Built on exclusive, new double-track over approximately 185 miles between Southern California and Las Vegas; primarily within or adjacent to the I-15 freeway.
  • XpressWest will utilize fully-electric, next-generation, 150 MPH high-speed trains that will deliver passengers to Las Vegas in 80 minutes with non-stop service every 20 minutes during peak times, and up to every 12 minutes as demand requires.
  • With an average round trip fare of $89, XpressWest will generate enough revenue to pay for its own operating and capital costs.
  • XpressWest strategically selected Victorville, California as the optimal location for the Southern California Station.  It is located within a 30- to 45-minute drive of roughly 4-5 million people who live in the Inland Empire and eastern Los Angeles County.

China Railway International USA. and XpressWest announced in mid-September both in Beijing and LA, a new joint venture that will accelerate the launch of the XpressWest rail project connecting Las Vegas to LA.  The Joint Venture will develop, finance, build and operate the Southwest Rail Network, with stations in Las Vegas, Victorville, and Palmdale, California, and service throughout Los Angeles. The decision to form a joint venture is the culmination of years of work and builds upon the significant accomplishments of XpressWest.  Scheduled to begin within the next 100 days, and supported by $100 Million in initial capital, this new high-speed rail line will create new technology, manufacturing, and construction jobs throughout the interstate corridor.  This long-awaited project will further drive new economic development and grow the tourism industry which is vital to the economy of the region. The Project will serve as a model of international cooperation of regional high-speed rail in the United States.

China Railway International U.S.A. CO., LTD. is a newly-formed Nevada limited liability company owned by a consortium of the world’s premier experts in designing, building, financing and operating high-speed passenger rail projects, including: China Railway International Co., Ltd, China Railway Group Limited, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd, China Construction America, Inc., CREEC USA, and CRSC International Co., Ltd

XpressWest is a private interstate high-speed passenger railroad company led by the Marnell Companies, and dedicated since 2005, to developing a high-speed passenger rail line connecting Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Authorized by the United States federal government to build and operate the Southwest Rail Network, XpressWest has completed its required federal permitting work, obtained approvals from the Surface Transportation Board, and completed significant development work for the route, including completing the federal environmental review process.

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