Jaguar’s 75 years of Excellence

Jaguar C-X75 Photo credit: Jaguar C-X75

The C-X75 concept is both a celebration of 75 years of iconic Jaguar design and a look into the future of automotive technology. Designed as a range-extended electric two-seater supercar, it explores the outer limits of both performance and sustainability. With plug-in capability, the car can achieve a zero-tailpipe emissions range of 110km (68 miles) when running under battery power alone, plus a potential top speed of 330kph (205 mph) and blistering acceleration. This car demonstrates that it is possible to retain Jaguar’s core values of performance, design and luxury using technology that will make environmentally responsible performance and electric vehicles a practical proposition.

The aim was to produce not only the most innovative but also one of the most beautiful Jaguar severs; one which hints at an exciting evolution of the marque’s award-winning design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by. Advanced design features such as a ground-breaking propulsion system and active aerodynamics allow for an elegantly simple fuselage section that remains stable at very high speeds.

Jaguar C-X75

Photo credit: Jaguar C-X75

“Performance through innovation has always been a Jaguar hallmark. From the beginning, cars such as the C-Type and D-Type pioneered aluminum construction, aerodynamic design, racing monocoques and disc brakes. The C-X75 demonstrates that the company is still leading the field in automotive design and technology,” concludes Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover.

The dynamic styling of the C-X75 concept hints at its exceptional performance. Project goals are an under 3 seconds 0-60mph acceleration time, and perhaps even more amazing, 0-100mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds. This incredible performance is accompanied by very low emissions thanks to the vehicle’s lightweight construction and cutting-edge powertrain technology.

The car’s interior is equally impressive, with the driver and passenger seated ahead of a sealed air box that houses the micro-gas turbines. Dramatic theater lighting is activated as the driver approaches the car, phosphor blue electro-luminescent wire lights illuminate the perimeter of the cabin and the turbines. When the car is started, additional blue LED lighting gently floods the door and bulkhead speaker cavities, highlighting the car’s lightweight construction. Bespoke interior materials include cream and grey leathers, polished and vapor-blasted aluminum and a soft-feel textured neoprene. A new interface for the driver has also been created for the C-X75 using high-resolution TFT screens. Building on Jaguar’s 10-year expertise in touchscreen technology, the Jaguar co-pilot display in the center console supports the driver in extracting the full potential of the C-X75 by seamlessly managing information.

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