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steve__portrait_mobilitySteve is the founder and publisher of LA DREAMS Magazine, one of LA’s most premiere luxury lifestyle magazines and marketing networks and over the last thirty-five years, he has been at the forefront of major business and civic initiatives in California.

He began his career with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, then served as Vice President of Coca-Cola-West and went on to found the largest public relations and marketing firm on the West Coast representing Fortune 500 companies, major government agencies and industry associations.

His civic initiatives span across numerous areas including serving as the assistant commissioner for the 1984 Olympic Games Field Hockey Games in Monterey Park, where he began his long-time relationships in the Chinese market.

He personally designed the internationally iconic logo, D.A.R.E. and the initial marketing campaign, chaired California’s landmark recycling system, co-authored “6 X- The Tech Coast” with Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, as well the economic marketing plan for the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership, as well as other business economic development initiatives for the private sector.

Steve received the prestigious United States Congressional Record of Honor along with special honors from the California Governor, LA Mayor and LA County Board of Supervisors.

A native of New York, he arrived in Los Angeles as a recipient of the prestigious CORO Foundation Fellowship in 1978 and received his Master of Arts in Urban Studies from Occidental College.



ty-2017Ty is the Associate Publisher of LA Dreams Magazine, one of LA’s premier luxury lifestyle magazines and marketing networks. He began his career as the Sales and Marketing Manager where he implemented strategic marketing initiatives that generated new business and relationships at the national level while simultaneously building brand awareness across all platforms.

In his current role as the Associate Publisher, he is responsible for the final product produced. He oversees daily operations and staff management – with a focus on fiscal optimization and new business development. In 2016, he developed and executed the overall strategy of expanding the magazine’s presence into all of Los Angeles’ prestige communities and into select areas of Las Vegas – cementing the magazine’s status as a premier luxury lifestyle publication.



screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-3-00-10-pmNatalie is the Editor-In-Chief of LA Dreams Magazine, one of LA’s premier luxury lifestyle magazines and marketing networks. She began her career as the social media and editorial manager where she oversaw all social media channels and implemented strategic, timely messaging to distribute through social media and email marketing campaigns. She also worked with outside sources to generate innovative content and subsequently built new relationships in the media and advertising industry.

In her role as the Editor-In-Chief, she manages day-to-day operations of the publication and sets the tone and direction of all content within the magazine. Her team is responsible for implementing strategies to increase readership through innovative content and fresh design. She is also involved in budgeting and strategic planning, working closely with the Publisher and Associate Publisher.



Don is the Associate Editor of LA Dreams Magazine, one of LA’s premier luxury lifestyle magazines and marketing networks. He began his career providing writing, production and entertainment services for Fortune 500 companies. As writer, director and producer, he staged hundreds of live business theater and multi-media presentations for corporate meetings in major convention cities and world-class resorts from Hawaii and the Caribbean to Zurich, Paris and London.

In his role as Associate Editor, Don will write feature articles focused on luxury lifestyles. He will also seek out exciting new products and technologies as our “What’s New Guru” editor.

Don is a seasoned journalist with 17-years experience that includes being Editor-in-Chief of three national magazines and winning numerous BPA (Business Press Association) awards for Excellence in Journalism for published articles.


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